Datacenter and Network

Los Angeles, California, USA

Our upstream provider has a vast network covering number of major markets within North America. Their network includes a data center in Los Angeles, California, a central connectivity point between Asia and the United States. Our LAX1 datacenter provides us with the flexibility to easily accommodate clients of virtually any size. Your server will be connected to high performance network hardware supplied by industry leaders including Brocade, Juniper, and Cisco.

  • 50,000 square feet of data center floor space.
  • 10GE network consists of GTT and Zayo.
  • 24/7/365 electronic monitoring, secure entry and exit.
  • To test our network Los Angeles, California, network:
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix, Arizona, is located between Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas, along major fiber backbone routes. This location offers low latency redundant paths to both the United States West Coast and the United States East Coast via direct peering to Ashburn, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia. Our upstream provider connects our servers to the internet with multiple redundant Tier-1 and Tier-2 internet providers. We keep all network connections below 50% use.If one physical connection fails, traffic will automatically be routed over another available upstream connection.

  • Your servers connect to our network at 1,000 megabits per second for maximum performance
  • Multiple redundant 10gbps connections to the internet backbone ensures high reliability and performance
  • Intelligent network routing decisions made with our high end BGP routers ensures your data takes the shortest available path to its destination
  • Private 1,000mbps network ports are available upon request for transferring data between servers
  • Your server will be connected to high performance network hardware supplied by industry leaders Brocade, Juniper, and Cisco
  • To test the Phoenix, Arizona, network: