About Our Company

Reliability + Experience + Support = TuneVPS Hosting Solutions!

TuneVPS Hosting Solutions was founded in 2013. Our three founders have worked as system administrators for multiple UK and USA based hosting companies since 2008. Our founders have over 15 years of combined work experience with other hosting companies. They have seen first hand what customers deal with in other companies. The lapses in customer support, systems that too often don't work at acceptable levels, and the common server overloading by the hosting company owners; are three problems seen too often in the hosting industry. They decided that they could do better, and that is how TuneVPS Hosting Solutions was born.

TuneVPS is diferent. We guarantee the following:
Kiran Jadhav
Chief Executive Officer
Kiran is a founding member of TuneVPS Hosting Solutions. He is responsbile for marketing, financials and the overall strategy of the company.
Sudam Chavan
Server Analyst II
Sudam is the troubleshooter in our company. He is responsible for managing the highly technical aspects of company ranging from server optimization to security to technical support.
Amit Gaikawad
Server Analyst I
Amit is a founding member of TuneVPS hosting Solutions and mainly responsible for administrating TuneVPS servers to deliver the best performance.
Abraham D.
Technical Officer
Abraham is responsible for ensuring 10 minute ticket response times and 98% customer satisfaction ratings.